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Monday, December 19, 2011

100 truth about me.:)*redo

what was yours:
1.Last beverage: hot chocolate,,sedap!
2.Last phone call: dengan adell,,*aku buhsan sbb ue ak kol
3.Last text message: moley(syuhada),,mcm2..!
4.Last song you listened to: avril lavigne;wish you were here<3
5.Last time you cried: semalam dalam kereta:'(

Have you ever:
6.Dated someone twice: ntah la,,x de kuwd.:P
7.Been cheated on: banyak kali..*oke tipu
8.kissed someone and regretted it: kissed?OHMY Sye trkissed abg kau la..regretted?no!HAHA
9.Lost someone special: rite now,,huh!
10.Been depressed: klo ak depressed un korunk de ke kesah?
11.Been drunk and threw up: 'PERNAH'!cye?

List three favourite colour:
12. white
13. pink
14. purple

This year have you:
15.Made a  new friends: berlambak doe smpai x trlyn..HAHA
16.Fallen out of love: =='
17.Laughed untill cried: :)
18.Met someone who changed you: YES:)
19.Found out who your true friends: insyaallah da ade:)
20.Found out someone was talking about you: damn.hell is waiting..*bjet cm x prnh wat
 21.Kissed anyone on your friend's list: GILE punye soalan.:P
22.How many people on your friends list do you know in real life:ha?ramai gile smpai ta twu nk tulis kat ne dyeowg punye cerite:)
24.Do you have any pets: yeah,,his name garfield(kucing parsi)
25.Do you want to change your real name: wat perw tukar,,name aku da sedap:)
 26.What did you do for youe last birthday: celebrate it:)
27.What time did you wake up this morning: 8:30 a.m.ngee~
28.What were you doing at midnight lastnight: layan korean drama;heartstring!<3
29.Name something you CANNOT wait for:result PMR 2011.*CUAK BEB!

30.Last time you saw your Mother:IN THIS MORNINK B4 MY MOM BACK TO HOME VILLAGE.:)
31.What is one thing you wish you could change  about your life::)
32.What are you listened to right now:Selena gomez,love you like a love song<3
33.Have you ever talked to a person name TOM:pernah kuwd,,mse kecik dulu:)
34.Who's getting on your nerves right now:*sesape yng buad sye mara*
36.What your real name:Siti Syairah Binti Sipani(seorang penyair wanita)
37.Nickname:sheyra,syaie,n so on:)
38.Birth month:september:)
39.Zodiac Sign:virgo:)
40.Male or Female:wey nmpk name ark?msti larh female=='
41.Primari School:Sk/Sra taman klang jaya
42.Secondary School: SKK SAMBESTARI
43.High school/College:UNIVERSITI AZHAR:)
44.Write what ever you want:Ya Allah ,,kau kurniakanlah kepadaku dan rakan2 ku keputusan yang cemerlang(9A seramai 139) pada hari khamis ini ..
45.Long or Short hair:secret!
46.Height:157 cm.
47.Do you have a crush on someone:ntah
48.What do you like about myself: i want to be good child:)
50.Tattoos:gile,,haram la dol!
51.Righty or Lefty:Righty

52.First surgery:tak pernah:)*takoyt g hospital pun
53.First Piercing:x pernah
54.First Best Friends: ezzie yani , nazurah n so on:)
55.First Sport you join:carik gule2 dlm tepung
56.First vacation:ntah
58.First pairs of trainers:x igt

Right now:
59.Eating: aku puase la
60.Drinking:aku puase la
61.I'm about to: nk minx pe senanye nieyh?=='
62.listening to:move a like jagger-maroon 5
63.Waiting for: result pmr 2011:)2 days to go for triumph:)

Your future:
64.Want kids:yeah,,nk 3 or 4 orang je(klo leyh)
65.Get married:lps abis stadi kat u:)
66.Career:i want to be an accountant:)

Which is better:
67.Lips or eyes: eyes
68.Hugs or kissed:due2:)
69.Shorter or taller: sederhana
70.Older or young:young..still young la
71.Romantic or Spontaneous:maybe romantic
72.Nicee stomach or nice arm:ha?
73.Sensitive or loud:nk due2:)
74.Hook-up or relationship: relationship:)

Have you ever:
76.Kissed a stranger:GILE..X MAO
77.Drank hard liquor:HARAM LA DOL,,TGGU KAT HEAVEN
78.Lost Glasses/Contact:pernah..ssh gile x de !*rabun
79.Sex on first date:no comments
80.Broken someone heart's:banyak kali kuwd
82.Been arrested:nope
83.Turned someone down:yeah
84.Cried when someone died:definitely:)
85.Fallen for a friends:?????

Do you believe in:
86.Yourself:yeah..i believe it
88.Love for a first sight:huhu;)
90.Santa claus:tggu 25 dec,,klo ade,ade,,klo x , x de la
91.Kiss at the first date:no comment
92.Angels:yeah kat heaven

Answer truthfully:
94.Had more than 1 girlfriends/boyfriends at a time:pernah kerw?
95.Did you sing today:yes!bru je td..:)
96.Ever cheated on somebody:ntah le,,x kuwd!
97.If you could go back in time,how far would you go:mse kecik2 weyh!
98.The moment you could choose to re-live:mse tyme skolah rendah..gile kuwd aku dulu.:)
99.Are you afraid of falling of love:wat perw nk takoyt,,t jatuh cinta gak stu ary nnt:)
100.Are you afraid of posting this as truth:x pun:P

oke2 ,,redo !

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