pengikut2 ku!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

don't be sad...

i twu U tgh sedeyh,,down,,n sume r saat skunk nieyh..!!!
tp u kena igt,,u rmai kwn ag kt skola uh..!!!
like me,,bolek,,hasya,,,khairun,,belle n da important is your bff,,NUR AQILAH BINTI ALIAS,,!!
So u jgn r sedeyh2 sbb kan laki...!!
laki snanye wat kite sume nangis..!!!
dyeowg just twu,,,dyeowg HAPPY kena kn Pompuan mcm KITE..!!!
dyeowg kn x matng,,so x yh pkir..
ko en da dlete dye,,stop follow dye ye blog,,,n sume r..!!!
plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz HEPI OKIE????


ary jumaat ary uh,,,,ak smgt giler r nk prhimpunan pg uh..mmg semangt sgt2..!!
pas2,,,sume ckgu da bla da dr dewan..
as2 ade lak taklimat psl susbest mggu dpn,,,,
bapak lame r ckgu uh bg taklimat,,sejam kowd..!!!sbaek dapat dok..!!klo ta,,,sumph SUKE..!!
pas2 ak dok r sblh adell,,,
pAS2,,,ak nan adell tetido...
kejap je..!!
pas2 kiteowg berdue boring sgt2....
nmpk buku nota kiteowg...!!
so kitowg lukis2 la gmbr mcm2 psl kiteowg ...
nieyh antare gmbr2 ye.....

Friday, February 18, 2011

hargai kwn kite..!!

A : ko rse kte kwn smpai bile ?
B : smpai maty !
A : knp ko ckp cmtu ?
B : sbb aku syg ko !
A : ko rse jrk mse kte brkwn bpe lme ?
B : 5mnt lg !
si A tdiam lalu brtny lg :
A : ap yg ko ckp ni ? 5 mnt ? kate smpai mty ?
lalu si B hnye trsnyum . Lpas 5 mnt , si A mlintas hmpir2 d lnggar kete tp dslamatkan oleh si B . bnr kate org tua2,ble hayat hmpir tmt,kte dpt rsekannye .
lalu si B bkate :
B : aku tpati jnji aku . kte bkwan smpai aku mty . lalu tsnyum gmbire . akhirnya si B mnghembuskan nafas terakhernye di pngkuan si A .
si A hny mmpu mnanges .
hrgai kwn2 yg anda syg , dowg xkn kekal lame di sisi kte .

just read!!

Read slowly....
           Have you ever wondered which hurts the most???!!saying something n wishing you hadn't???!!or saying nothing and wishing you had???!!i guess the most important things are the hardest thing to say...Don't be afraid to tell someone you love them...If you do,they might break your heart...if you don't,, you might break theirs....
          Have you ever decided not to become couple because you were so AFRAID of losing what you already had with that peson???? 
           Your Heart decides whom it likes and whom it doesn't you CAN'T tell your Heart what to do it does it on its own....when you least suspect it,,or even when you don't want it to....
           Have you ever wanted to love someone with everything you had,but that other person too afraid to let you???
           Too many of us  stay walled up coz we are too afraidto care to much,,for fear that the other person does not care as much,,or even at all...
             Have you ever denied your feeling for someone coz your fear of rejection was too hard to handle??
           We tell lies when we are afraid,,,afraid of what we don't know,,,afraid what others will think,,afraid of what will be found out about us...
             But everytime we tell lies,,,,the things we fear GROWS STRONGER...
              Life is all about risks and it REQUIRES YOU TO JUMP...Don't be a person who has to look back and wonder what they WOULD have done or  COULD have had..

  • What would you do if everytime you fell in love you HAD to say goodbye???
  • What would you do if everytime you wanted someone they would never be there??? 
  • What would you do if your bestfwenz died tomorrow and never got to tell how you felt ????(EVEN IF YOU DON'T CARE ANYMORE)
  • What would you do if you love someone more than ever you couldnot have them???
  • What you do if you NEVER GOT THE CHANCE TO SAY I AM FWENZ with all my family and they know I LOVE THEM????/
  • People live,,,but people died...t want to tell you that you are a fwenz... 
               If you die tomorrow(GID FORBID)YOU WOULD BE IN MY HEART WOULD I BE IN YOURS?????? 

IF YOU CARE ABOUT ME as much as I care about YOU,,,U WILL SEND THIS BACK.....

WE might be BESTFRIENDS one year,,pretty,,good friends in next year,,don't talk that often the next,,and DON'T WANT TO TALK at all the year after that...
So,,i just wanted to say,even if i never talk to you again in my life,,,YOU ARE SPECIAL to me and you have made a difference in my life..
I LOOK UP to you,,RESPECT  you,,TRULY CHERISH you,,,most of all I CARE about friends...
REMEMBER,,,everyone need a friends someday...You might feel like you have no FRIENDS at all,,,


  1. You cannot touch all teeth wth your tongue..
  2. An idiot after read the first truth will try it....!!!
  3. And discover that the first truth is lie..
  4. You're smiling right now because you're an Idiots...
  5. You soon will forward this to another idiots..
  6.  There still a stupid smile on your face.... 

     p/s:i apologise about this...
i am an idiots and i need accompany...

    Saturday, February 5, 2011

    just for you my dear fwenz..!!!

    u marah kan i..?????
    u terase nan i ...???
    klo terase or marah kat i,,,i minx maap sgt2...!!!
    i  x de niat un nk wat u sakit aty...
    i x twu lak tyme uh u ade bengang nan dyeowg uh(2 dak laki)...
    klo i twu,,,i x nk wat u nanges that night...!!!
    i x kn ckp cm uh kat u...!!!
    tyme uh sume nk blame kat i...
    i rase terlalu tension...!!!!
    that's why i said cm pe jerk kat u...
    tok pengetahuan u,,,
    mase i chat nan u mlm uh,,i nanges sgt2...!!
    i x prnh nanges cm uh kat umah...
    sbb uh i delete sume yg wat i nanges uh,,n i tukar i ye url blog n i block someone yg follow i ye blog...!!!
    u terase ag ke..???
    u x prnh x bls chat i sblom nieyh,,,tp smlam u x bls chat i...!!
    i nanges aw...
    pas2,,i bkk blog u..
    u 2lis psl samting uh...
    n i terase sgt2..
    klo u terase nan i,,,ckp r ye...!!!
    u kan ckp kat i akhir taon lps,,,yg u aggp i sbgai kwn u..!!!
    so plizzzzzzz sgt2..jgn simpan perasaan kecewa u sowg2 trhadap i...!!
    plizzzzz tell ME..!!!!

    Thursday, February 3, 2011

    luahan perasaan...

    weyh ak mmg syg giler kat korunk tp korunk da wat ak bnci kat korunk....
    sowy 2 say....mmg ak ade yg delete korunk dr fb ak coz ak mmg x thn nan korunk da....
    knp???x per r biar ak jerp yg twu....kang korunk terase ag en???so biar ak jerp twu knp...!!!
    ak mmg da sgt sgsare msok skola uh....drpd f1 smpai skunk asyik mghadapi mslh kwn jerp....ak sendiri x twu knp...
    tok pengetahuan sume ak nieyh jenis yg ske smpn aw,,,,tp klo da x thn sgt cm nieyh r jd yerk!!!
    so korunk jgn r pkse2 tok accept mcm uh....
    kpd yg prnh caring about me all this while,,,,i want to say thank you very much!!!ak appreaciate sgt korunk ye prtolongan uh....kpd yg x uh,,,ak x kesah un!!!so lps2 nieyh tlong n tolong jgn push ak cm nieyh ag,,,sbb t ak  x leyh nk focus in my stadi....oke???
    kpd yg menganggap ak nieyh kwn baek dye,,,or kwn dye or musuh utama ke,,,ak x kesah un!!!tp tolong sgt2,,klo ak de wt pape kat korunk,,,cpt2 tegor!!tp nan cre yg brtauliah aw!!!
    sesame kite jer aw,,jgn wat halaqah!!

    P/S:kpd sesape yg terse nan ak,,,ak minx maap sgt2

    kpd yg kena delete!!

    spe yg kena DELETE nan ak kat fb uh,,,,maybe de kaitan nan menyakitkn aty ak or someting else...
    klo korunk nk suwo ak approve korunk lek,,,just FORGET it k!!
    i would not approve you all back!!!!